Quality Assurance Regulation

Thank you for purchasing Fitrus product.
You can receive our services according to the following OSD standards.

The standard for the calculation of the quality assurance period
Quality assurance is to respond to product abnormalities during normal usage with a free repair service.
Per OSD policy, the purchase date must be less than one year, and the warranty shall not be provided if the date of purchase is unverifiable.

Quality Assurance Standard
We do not issue a warranty card, so please keep the purchase receipt (including electronic receipt) that shows the date of purchase.
If the purchase of the goods is unverifiable, OSD shall not provide any warranty services.
The cost of transportation of the repaired product is borne by the consumer.
Please read the safety precautions and warning signs in the manual carefully. For any incidents caused by the consumer's negligence, OSD shall not take responsibility.
During the warranty period, replacement costs for malfunction or damage due to the following customer faults shall be borne by the customer's expense:
  • Malfunctioning or damaged due to impacts
  • Incorrect usage or negligence
  • Inappropriate repair or alteration
  • Damages caused by water or liquids
  • In the case of a change in appearance upon use
The warranty service for Fitrus products are only applicable within Korea.
The accessories included in the package (USB-Micro 5-pin cable, pouch, etc.) of the product is not covered under the OSD warranty policy.
The standard policy of free warranty service is to exchange the device without repairing or exchanging the parts.

Policies not prescribed in these regulations shall be governed by the 'Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards'.

Device service
The service of the device is warranted by the product in the same performance (except for appearance and packaging) as the same device.
Therefore, the following services may not be provided:
Service requested for modification of the device to combine with other products (including third parties).
OSD shall not take any responsibilities for the damages caused by the malfunction of the device.

The voice of our customers
For any suggestions or inconveniences, contact our customer service center listed on the Fitrus website (thefitrus.com) and we will provide a prompt resolution according to our internal procedures.