ONESOFTDIGM > FITRUS > Terms of Service

ONESOFTDIGM > FITRUS > Terms of Service

ONESOFTDIGM > FITRUS > Terms of Service

Thank you for joining Fitrus.

Fitrus is a health management solution by ONESOFTDIGM.
You can measure body composition such as body fat and muscle, which is an important element of health, at anytime and anywhere after connect with our devices.
However, please be aware that the device of this solution cannot be used for medical purpose or preventing an individual's disease.

Fitrus app shows measured data the body fat, skeletal muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, body mass index, etc. through the device developed by ONESOFTDIGM.
But this is not all about Fitrus.
You can connect with another device that will be launched by ONESOFTDIGM.
You can also use a variety of content provided by ONESOFTDIGM or partner companies using the Fitrus platform.

We hope to develop better habits through Fitrus, and please read the following carefully.
If you have any questions about your health information through Fitrus service, or if you have any questions about your physical issues, you should consult a doctor or other specialist.

Look carefully for your physical condition.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your health before using Fitrus, we recommend that you have a medical check.
    Please check the personal health condition before using Fitrus.
    Please note that Fitrus does not accurately reflect customer's health and the circumstances because it uses the results that reflect the limited information entered by the users.
  • Please note that the content and information provided by Fitrus are based on standard data and may not be suitable for everyone.
    If you feel any pain, dizziness, burning, shortness of breath, or lethargy during exercise through the provided comments, you should immediately stop exercising.
    Please also check your personal health condition, and do not try if you have any problems.
  • The portable body composition measuring device connected by Fitrus uses less than about 150μA weak current so there is no harm in the body.
    However, if you feel uncomfortable during the measurement, please stop the measurement immediately.
  • Fitrus introduces the various services provided by partners for you, but please note that Fitrus is not responsible for the contents provided by partners.
    (e.g. the accuracy of the information, and so on.)
  • Even if you use the content of the Fitrus' partner or third party services, you must read or listen to their guides or terms and conditions.

If you have registered your email with Fitrus, you can use the more services.
  • Data Synchronization: If you register Fitrus account, you can easily keep your data or restore them as needed You can.

Please check the follow the basic instructions on using the service.
  • The user cannot change, copy, save, distribute and sell any Fitrus content, in principle, because the user does not have rights.
    Fitrus users have the right to use Fitrus freely only to follow the Terms and Conditions.
  • Of course, the rights of the contents posted by users on the Fitrus service can hold by users.
    When you post content to the Fitrus service (including both the App and the Web), it means that you confirm to provide the content to ONESOFTDIGM and Fitrus partners with a non-exclusive, transferable and re-authorable license globally about the new elements.
    And also reproduce, modify, transfer and share.
  • You are completely responsible for the contents posted by yourselves in Fitrus service.
    You should completely confirm that you will not conduct in any other illegal or harmful activities such as infringe on intellectual property rights (copyrights, etc.) of third parties, violations of applicable laws and unauthorized commercial activities in the service to use it.
    If user post includes illegal information, illegal, violent or discriminatory contents, do not publish or share any related contents.
    If there is any violates, ONESOFTDIGM may modify or delete it.
  • ONESOFTDIGM efforts to make the Fitrus service freely available to users, but does not guarantee everything.
    In other words, Fitrus provides "as is" contents such as setting the goals, specific features, and references so ONESOFTDIGM does not commitment or warranty about the specific functions does not provides by the Fitrus.
  • Fitrus always effort to provide stable service to users and protect user's data from malicious codes and security risks.
    Please be aware that if the customer uses the Fitrus with the illegal way such as rooting, decompiling, or reverse engineering, ONESOFTDIGM is going to stop the Fitrus service without any notice.

We will protect personal information in the highest priority.
  • Personal information such as phone number, e-mail, body composition information, etc. are used under user's agreed.
    We will not provide your personal information to third parties without your confirmed.
  • Please refer to the Fitrus Privacy Policy for more information on how Fitrus protects your personal information.

If you do not want to, you can delete your personal data from the Fitrus App.
  • If the Fitrus application is deleted, the Fitrus data stored in the device will be deleted, but the data stored in the Fitrus server may not be deleted.
  • If a customer deletes a third-party partner app that uses the Fitrus platform, the data stored in a smartphone will be deleted, but the third party's data may not be deleted.
  • Even if you delete the partner app, the data already stored on the Fitrus server may not be deleted.
    And the data stored on a partner's server will be handled according to the rule of our partners.
  • Customer data may be limited shown by the SW version, therefore, may differ from the server data.
    Please be careful if server data is deleted, you cannot recover it.

Fitrus content may be changed by unexpected issues or the service may be stopped.
  • We will try our best to provide the service 24 hours and 365 days, but the service may be discontinued or changed due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • We will notify through the website (, e-mail or other ways at least 7 days in advance (30 days, if the user has a significant issue on rights and obligations).
  • For any changes or discontinuance of the Fitrus service provided by the partners, please refer to the terms and conditions provided by them and ask individually.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns while using the service.
  • If the customer has any complaints or inquiries about using the Fitrus service, please let us know at any time through the 'Contact Us' menu of the ONESOFTDIGM website (
    We will do our best to handle it.
    ※ These Terms and Conditions will be effective May 1st, 2019.