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2.0.0 Update Guide with various features and new UI

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New UI makes it more convenient!
The menu function has been renewed to make it easier to find frequently used menus for accessing various feature screens.
Measure and record your data more conveniently using the new multi-menu.


The Mission gifted by Fitrus
Remind yourself of your health by carrying out the Fitrus missions that is provided at anytime.


How far am I from the average?
Ranking charts are being released for those who are curious about the overall user average and their current rank.
Check your body composition score and step counts ranking on the screen.


Simple social login and membership registration
Now Google accounts, Naver accounts, iPhone users, and Apple accounts options are available!
You can simply login with your social account.
Use our app after signing up through your social account.


#Completely #New #Provided by #Fitrus Team


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