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Fitrus Plus is not a medical device and is not a product for the disease diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention. Please consult with experts on disease diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention.
You may recharge the device using the USB cable (Micro 5pin) included in the package.

The device is being delivered fully charged but battery loss may occur during delivery.
It is recommended to charge it completely once delivered before using the device.

Yes, all operations are normally performed while charging it.
You can see the last measured heart rate, temperature, body fat rate, remaining battery, and current steps count.

The Fitrus Plus device can be reset by pressing the power button continuously for about 5 seconds.
If the device stops or malfunctions, try using it after resetting it.

The standard is from 0 to 24 hours.
The first one-time measurement via the Fitrus App will be saved together with the time data on the device and the reset is performed every midnight to 0 activity level.